Taylor Swift just released Call It What You Want, the latest promo single from reputation. 

The pop tune is the silver lining shining from Swift’s “boarded up” windows, and surely the worthiest addition from the upcoming album to her discography.  Call is the symbol of Taylor’s place in pop music, of where she stands (or should stand): clever lyrics, condensed words that can express now whatever she expressed before in six minutes with guitars and banjos, but in three minutes with piercing beats and sliding synths.

This is it: Taylor Swift is a unique force in music. From her pop music we expect her not to lose any of the things that made her special before, but to add some things that make her even more special. Gorgeous may be a bit forgettable among her finest, but this one actually makes some noise. And gets noticed.

After all, we love when she throws a lyric about late November. We love when she throws a powerful couplet such as “You don’t need to save me/But would you run away with me?” and he answers “Yes”. We also love when she throws some of her sharpest material with “I brought a knife to a gunfight” or “All the flowers grew back as thorns” or “All the liars are calling me one/Nobody has heard from me for months”, setting up a dark scenario, but then continues with “I’m doing better than I ever was”.

She manages to gather in a few words lots of meanings and shades. And we love it.

Watch the lyric video below.


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